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Copyright for Musicians: An Introduction Copyright for Musicians: An Introduction

“Copyright” gives creative people the legal rights to control how their works are copied.  For musical works, there are two kinds of copyrights: one for musical compositions, and another for sound recordings. For composers, copyright means controlling how your musical composition is performed or recorded.  How much control you have depends upon... [Read more of this review]

Copyright for Musicians: Part 2 Copyright for Musicians: Part 2

Under the U.S. copyright system, you need to get a copyright registration to make sure your copyright is protected.  Copyright registration creates a public record of your copyright ownership and your contact information.  This is important, because it ensures that someone who needs to pay you a compulsory license, or ask your permission to use your... [Read more of this review]

How to register your copyright How to register your copyright

Its easy to register your copyright(s) in your music! You can even register copyrights in more than one work together on one form, for one fee (fees are charged per registration, rather than per work).  And you can register both types of copyright (musical composition copyright and sound recording copyright) for the same work on the same form.  But... [Read more of this review]

Ask Linda Joy Ask Linda Joy

Linda Joy Kattwinkel was an illustrator/graphic designer before her current practice as an attorney and mediator for artists and musicians with Owen, Wickersham & Erickson in San Francisco.  Her clients include corporate intellectual property owners as well as individual artists, musicians and designers.  She is a member of the referral panel... [Read more of this review]

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Arthur Jarvinen Arthur Jarvinen

ADORNO brings composer/percussionist Art Jarvinen to comment on the works of ScoreXchange submissions. Read his comments on the participants’ works… Composer Arthur Jarvinen About Arthur Jarvinen: Arthur Jarvinen (b.1956) is a familiar figure in the contemporary music community, having been a featured composer and performer on prominent... [Read more of this review]

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